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Sussex House School

Geography Department Wikispace

The Wikispace provides your prep and other background material for the geography programme at Sussex House School.

Your prep is normally published here. Look for your class in the menu on the side. It is always wise to check the Wikispace before doing your prep as sometimes additional resources for your prep might be added during the school day.

I also publish geography material on the website: and you might need to access this website too.

If you are unable to access the internet from home, please let Dr Lee know before you go home.

If you notice any error or omission on the Wikispace, or if there is something you don't understand email me immediately. I may be emailed on
If this address does not work use:

I cannot promise an immediate response, but if I am online, as I often am, I will reply as soon as practicable.

Dr Lee
Head of Geography
Sussex House

Very interesting geography game. Beware it is addictive.